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Help to use

1. You don’t have to sign up or log in to search for items. Anyhow, to book an item or to avail your earnings on your ads, you need to sign up and verify your account. 2. To sign up on, click on “Sign Up” option on the top right corner of the screen. 3. Fill up all the required details, agree to the terms and conditions and click on register. 4. You can also sign up using Facebook or Google account, but it is necessary to provide your email address. 5. The password for your account should contain alphabets, numbers and special characters with minimum length of 8 characters. (To hide the instructions near the password, click on “i” again) 6. Once you have signed up, an automatic email is sent to your email address to activate your account. Please activate your account and login. 7. You can log in to the website with your credentials like username and password. 8. If you have forgotten your password, please click on “forgot password” and an email with a new password will be sent to your email address. You can reset the password after logging in. 9. You will not be able to book/reserve an item or avail your earnings on the ads if you have not verified your user account by uploading a copy of verification documents like passport or driver’s license.
1. After activating the account, it is compulsory to verify the account by uploading a copy of identification documents like passport or drivers license. 2. Without verification you cannot book/reserve an item or avail your earnings on the ads posted. 3. After signing up, log into your account. Either check notification (bell icon on the top right corner) to verify your account or click on “Account Settings” in the drop down menu on the right corner of the screen next to the user photo. 4. After clicking on “Account Settings”, please click on “Verify” option to upload a copy of documents like passport or drivers license. 5. After uploading the documents, your account will be verified by the admin from Sharented. You will be notified after your account is verified. Generally, your account is verified within 24 hours of uploading the documents. 6. You are now ready to book/reserve an item or avail your earnings on the ads posted by you.
1. You must be verified and have given your bank account number to avail the earnings you have made on your ad. 2. If you are posting an ad, it is very important to give your bank account number. Your information is secure and in accordance to the privacy terms of Sharented AS. 3. Bank account number is needed to pay you for bookings/reservations on the items advertised. 4. After your account has been verified by the admin, you need to give your bank account number. Go to “Account Settings” and the click on “Payout Request” tab followed by clicking on “Add Payment Method” option under the “Payment Methods” section. Give your bank account number here. All the income earned through bookings in a month, should be requested on the 5th date of following month, only after the item has completed the booking cycle. The amount will then be transferred to your respective bank accounts. 5. To request for a payout, go to “Account Settings” and the click on “Payout Request” tab followed by clicking on the “Add Payout Request” which is below the “Payment Methods” section.
1. You need to sign up before posting an ad. 2. Click ok “Post a free AD” option. Select whether you want to “share” or “rent” an item. By clicking on “share”, the cost per day of the item is fixed to zero. By selecting to rent, you can specify the cost/per day later for the item. 3. Provide the title of the ad along with the description. Select an appropriate category and the sub-category. If the required sub-category is not listed, please select the “other” option. Click on “next” to proceed to the next page. 4. Provide the correct address, so that it is easy for the user to search for items based on location. Enter your complete street address. The system tries to automatically detect the exact address on the map. After entering your address, please confirm the same on the map next to it. 5. On the next page, you will have to upload good quality photos of the item that you are sharing or renting. Upload one main photo and a few sub-photos. Click on “next” after you have uploaded the photos. 6. On the next page, there are three important options. Firstly, select the dates that you may want to make your item available to the users. Secondly, select the type of booking you want to provide. In “Instant Booking”, the user can directly pay for the item and book it. For “Request for Booking” option, the user requests you to accept his booking. You have the right to reject or accept the booking. Thirdly, it is important for you to set a cost/day for the item if the item is for renting. You can also provide discounts for weekly and monthly basis if you wish to. 7. The next page has options for delivery of items. You can either provide or not provide delivery. If you don’t provide delivery, then the user needs to pick up the item from you. Anyhow, the user and you can free to chat and decide upon the delivery. 8. By clicking on “POST THE AD”, the ad gets notified to the admin for approval. Once the content is verified for consistency with the terms and privacy as listed on the website, the ad is approved by the admin. After approval, the ad will be active and will be a part of search result of the users. 9. You can save the ad and continue later with any remaining changes. You can also discard the ad. There is also an option to edit the ad after it has been posted. To edit the ad listing, you need to click on “Manage Ads” in the drop down menu on the right top corner. Here by clicking on “Edit Listing”, you can edit your ad listing.
1. You need to be signed in and have verified your account to book/reserve an item. 2. After signing in, you can search based on your criteria. From the listed products, you can click on any product page. 3. After clicking on the product page, you can select the dates for which you want to reserve the product. 4. You need to agree with the terms and conditions provided by the user and Sharented AS before booking and making a payment for the product. 5. The payment gateway is very secure and user friendly. After booking you are redirected back to your page. 6. You can chat with the owner of the product using the inbox option in the drop down menu in the top right corner of the screen. You can also go to “Manage Orders” option in the drop down menu on the right top corner of the screen and then click on the “inbox” icon next to the onwer’s name for that particular product.
1. You can chat with the owners and users of the product using the “Inbox” option available in the drop down menu on the right top corner of the screen. 2. The chat may be used to decide upon the time and place to pick up or deliver the items. 3. Inbox or chat icon is also present next to the owner’s name in the list of products in the “Manage Orders” section, which can be reached through the drop down menu on the right top corner of the screen.
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Sometimes, while using Google Chrome, there could be a problem to post the ad. When you face such a problem, try other browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.