Privacy and Policies

User information:

The information provided by the user is used to communicate and make the platform usable. Only the user name is displayed when displaying the advertisement published by the user. The contact information of the user is only displayed when a customer reserves and pays for the listed product.

The personal information provided by the user is not outsourced, but the information is stored on third party servers (servers either inside EU/EEA or outside).

The personal information of the user stored with Sharented AS is:

  1. Personal details: name, email, address, phone number
  2. User information: username, password
  3. Bank account details to ensure the payment and refund
  4. Transaction history of the users including the payment and refund amount details

The personal information provided by the user can be used and treated by Sharented AS for the following purposes:

  1. Communication with the user
  2. Verifying and registering a user
  3. Statistical analysis about the usage of the sharented website and mobile application without disclosing the personal information of the user. The statistical analysis is publishable without disclosing any personal information.
  4. Canceling user registration
  5. Declining the advertisement that user has posted
  6. Make the payment and refunds

Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before starting to use the platform.