Terms and Conditions

Sharented is a platform for users to share and rent tangible goods and items. The platform can be used when a user agrees to the terms and conditions below. Sharented AS has the rights to change and edit the terms and conditions if necessary ,and it is the duty of the user to read them before agreeing to them. Any changes in the terms and conditions related to the payments on the website will be notified to the user through email or sms. 

Rights on content

The user is responsible for the content he creates on the platform, for example text and images for the advertisement. The users are also responsible for other content like reviews. The users gives Sharented AS rights to use the content related to the advertisement and the reviews for marketing purposes. The users also allows Sharented AS to use the content to carry out statistical studies and publish them, without disclosing the user’s personal details. Sharented AS has rights to remove the content if it’s necessary. The users are not supposed to create any content that involves adultery or is aimed at causing discomfort to any other user or community.


Responsibility  and Insurance

Sharented AS doe not guarantee for availability of any good or item which is advertised. The users are responsible for any actions and should consider the credibility with other users before sharing or renting of items. Anyhow, Sharented AS verifies the users based on the documents provided, but this does not mean that Sharented AS takes responsibility of the actions by the users. Sharented AS does not hold the liability of the damage occurring to the items while they are either shared or rented out. Sharented AS does not provide any insurance for the items which are shared or rented out. Sharented AS provides only a common platform to connect the users to share and rent tangible items and goods. 

Removal of user

Sharented AS has the right to remove users and deny access of the platform without special justification or right to compensation if the users are found violating the privacy issues, terms and conditions. Agreements and payments made outside the platform violates our policy and will result in exclusion of the users.


Payment terms

Advertising is free on the website. If an item is being rented, only 10% of the rent amount will be charged as a service fee for the user booking the item, and also to the advertiser. The user booking an item also pays an additional 2 NOK as a service fee for the online transaction.